Organic Synthesis: The Retrosynthesis

Organic compounds have enriched our lives in myriad ways. The success of an synthetic organic chemist is to make newer and safer substitutes for the existing materials and synthesise new targets for hitherto unexplored uses. In order to do this, a strong grounding in the principles of synthesis, properties of compounds, their reactions and their uses is absolutely essential. This project will focus on the following areas as a prelude to organic synthesis.

1. Functional groups in organic compounds and their properties
2. Characteristic reactions of organic compounds
3. Reagents in synthesis
4. Mechanisms of organic reactions
5. General terms used in retrosynthesis
6. Protection-deprotection protocols
7. Sensible disconnections


Gomathi Shridhar

Dr Gomathi Shridhar is an Associate Professor and Head at the Department of Chemistry, V.K. Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics and S.S. Dighe College of Science, which is located at Bhandup, Mumbai. She oversees a medium size department and is responsible for its day to day functioning. She is a passionate teacher and teaches Organic Chemistry at all levels. She believes that all problems of the world with respect to food, energy and environment can be solved by Chemistry. Thus everyone needs to be exposed to chemistry and its consequences. She is an alumuni of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and the University of Mumbai. Her research interests include use of biodegradable solvents in organic synthesis and Chemistry education.


Vasudha Kamat

Prof. Vasudha Kamat is well known for her significant contribution to the field of Educational Technology/ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education. She was Vice Chancellor of SNDTWU during 2011-16. Prof. Kamat is a member of National Education Policy Committee constituted by the Government of India in 2017. In March 2019, Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada appointed her as Honorary COL Adviser. She is Fulbright Scholar and also Best Teacher Awardee from Maharashtra State, India.



Prof.  Jayashree Shinde is a Director of the Teaching Learning Centre at the Department of Educational Technology,  SNDT Women’s University. She obtained her PhD  from the SNDT Women’s University on interactivity levels of multimedia. She is on various committees of MHRD, UGC and NCERT related to OER development.