Lets Make Mathematics Teaching Interesting by Infusing Real Life Examples

Students considered mathematics as very difficult and away from real life. Many of them develop fear in the subject, as they are not able to relate with field applications and day to day life. Also teachers, seldom express, its relevance with actual field or real life example. Most of the teachers only covers solving equations with steps, but do not explain, how those equations are framed. Due to this many students start losing interest and they merely mug up examples from examination point of view. In professional education, as per Higher Order Thinking Skills in Bloom & Taxonomy, students are expected to define, understand, apply, analyze, judge and create mathematical modelling for real life examples as per Industry 4.0. However, in actual scenario, students learning ends at understanding level only and apply onwards is left out due to lack of real life examples.

In this project, a free open source Gnomio MOODLE will be formed to train the Mathematics Teachers, how they can explain students, Mathematics in better way, yielding joyful learning. The OERs developed will be showcasing applications of mathematics equations and their formulation strategies with real life examples. List of Real life examples covered will be (but not limited to) limits, derivatives, integration, vectors, Calculus, Hypothesis etc.



Indu Tyagi


Metodija Jancheski

Metodija Jancheski (PhD) is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering within the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje. His major research interests are Distance Education, ICT in Education, Didactics in Teaching Mathematics and Informatics, Educational Software and Digital Learning Materials. In the last two decades he has participated in 20 domestic and international scientific projects. Metodija has a great experience as a trainer, an author of manuals and a consultant in the crucial ICT project in Macedonian education. He was director of State Examination Center, president of the Macedonian Computer Society, elected member of the International Committee of the International Olympiad in Informatics, a national team leader at sixteen BOI and IOI competitions, and chairman of the 16th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics. These positions and the work he does have enabled him to play an important leadership position and help develop and improve education.