Integrating Sustainability in Educational Institutions

The proposed course targets small (< 10,000 students) educational institutions. It describes the process to embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the successful example of Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU), in Lebanon. The example covers all SDGs. It merges key elements of managerial structure, implementation strategy and process pilot testing. The proposed course aims at training the different constituents of educational institutions (students, educators and staff members) on managing sustainability and integrating SDGs in the institutional culture. It describes the framework components and accelerators that are expected to boost efficiency, engagement, value creation, innovation, as well as entrepreneurial spirit.

The following success determinants of the model will be thoroughly explained:

  • multi-disciplinary task force incorporating passion-driven entities (working groups) operating under a parallel management structure, allowing for emergence of multiple group leaders;
  • comprehensive, yet realistic, unified action plan aiming at implementing the new institution’s vision through strategic initiatives;
  • partnerships and stakeholders engagement;
  • dynamic approach favoring innovation and creativity in overcoming barriers and allowing for evolution and institutionalization of needed changes;
  • agility and speed in ceasing opportunities and celebrating achievements.

Project resources are available at:

The talk is a part of the Open Education Design – Course for Practitioners 2018 event filmed and produced by Videolectures.NET.


Lara Khabbaz

Lara Khabbaz is the Director of the Office of Marketin at the Notre Dame University-Louaize.


Sophia Ghanimeh

Sophia Ghanimeh is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering (FE),  Notre Dame University-Louaize.


Pedro Jesús Mendoza-Arana

Pedro Jesús Mendoza-Arana is the Chair of the Health Systems Research Group (SYSTEMIC) at the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM). He is an active promoter of open education in Peru. He is voting representative of UNMSM at the Open Education Consortium. He created three master degree courses in blended format in 2017 and one MD course in blended format in 2015. He has been creating two ongoing research projects on open education use and willingness to use in Peru. He has a PhD in Medicine and obtained Master of Science in Health Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics, University of London.