OER Policy and Research Intern

Our plan for this project is to create a resource for both faculty and students that they can use to get the OER movement up and going in their intuitions. There are many faculty who would like to adopt OER and/or spread the OER practice to other faculty but they struggle to do so. Similarly, there are many students who want to advocate for
OER but do not really know where to start. This guide would serve as a tool of what faculty and students could do to implement OER projects within their campuses.

One part of the project would include workshops for students to teach them about what OER is and best practices to spread awareness. The project would target student leaders and encourages them to take action. Through this project, a series of videos of hands-on workshops will be provided to guide students of the best practices to advocate for OER. This includes different events they can host on their campuses and recourses they can utilize.

Another part of the project would be guiding faculty through adopting OER within their classroom and helping them spread OER awareness through their institution. This includes guides to instructional design and finding the best OER resource. The project would also equip faculty with different events and projects that they can implement on campuses. Another goal of this project is to provide faculty and staff tips on how they can partner up with the student body to empower their movement.

Lastly, the project would include a guide on how to advocate for OER on a state level. This includes equipping faculty, staff, and students with the resources needed to become stakeholders and get involved in campaigning for OER policies. With the help of the states’ departments of higher education, this project would empower faculty, staff, and students to make a difference on a state-level.


Lobna Alsrraj

Lobna Alsrraj is an OER Policy and Research Intern at the Colorado Department of Higher Education. As a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, she is passionate about leadership and serving her community. Lobna got involved with OER advocacy as a student and continues to be an advocate for OER through the OpenStax National Student Internship Program where she serves as an intern.


Robert Farrow

Robert Farrow is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University (OU) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. By training he is a philosopher (analytic & continental) and educational technologist. His main research focus is open education. He leads several research strands with the Open Education Research Hub where since 2012 there has been a focus on providing an evidence base for the impact of OER and building research capacity globally. His current research interests are in the use and evaluation of technology systems for learning and behavioural change; theoretical frameworks for learning and innovation; ethics; technology as a route to social justice; and generally in empowering people. Rob support doctoral students worldwide who are working in the field of open education through the Global OER Graduate Network and is also a mentor for the Open Education Leadership Program (SPARC).