Published on January 10, 2024
OE4BW Programme Starts New Round with 70 Project Applications

We are glad that in the 2023/24 year, we received a total of 70 project applications from 92 developers, including some collaborative group efforts. Additionally, we received 87 applications from mentors eager to contribute their expertise. This year, our projects are categorized into nine distinct hubs, each focusing on specific topics.

The collaborative efforts will be organized under the following hubs:

  • Hub Education 1
  • Hub Education 2
  • Hub Sustainability 1
  • Hub Sustainability 2
  • Hub Health and well-being
  • Hub Artificial Intelligence
  • Hub Displaced Persons
  • Hub Renewable Energy
  • Hub Youth

This thematic approach ensures a comprehensive and focused allocation of resources, allowing us to address various critical areas effectively. We look forward to fostering innovation and making a meaningful impact in each of these hubs. Thank you to all developers and mentors for their valuable contributions to this initiative.



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