Published on September 10, 2021
EN-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator presentation by Curt Newton
OE4BW Energy, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living Hub presents the Climate Change solutions simulator!

The OE4BW Energy, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living Hub is happy to share with all OE4BW Hubs and other interested stakeholders an interesting presentation about the EN-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator by Curt Newton, Director at the MIT OpenCourseWare and En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

Using the EN-ROADS simulator, people engage with the different factors affecting climate change, manually shifting levers. This user-friendly approach helps people understand how addressing C02 levels requires an integrated, systemic approach on a global scale & engage in the conversations needed for that change. The presentation of the simulator was given by Curt Newton as part of the Energy, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living Hub’s regular meeting. Recorded video presentation, incl. Hub discussion is available here.



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