Published on August 26, 2022
OE4BW Project 2019

Hub Youth

Who said our parents know everything? We are the future leaders of space travel, the best countries in the world, a better tomorrow for everyone, regardless of where we were born. And we can pass this on to our peers and our beloved parents.

Become a UNESCO member! Join the best program, where you can teach us some great tricks for a better world tomorrow and how the world can be easier – https://oe4bw.miteam.si/asset/YwisNqK6c9nKRdfJ3 

Do you especially love the peculiarities of your environment –https://oe4bw.miteam.si/asset/drfhRuJ46kGTJLo3N   

or together with our mentors, you can make it a reality such a demanding project as the design of an application where you reduce your personal CO2 footprint and help nature – https://oe4bw.miteam.si/asset/PD9tR6GCL2W9uDxGo 

You will enjoy it, it will benefit you in your education, and it will also help you in getting a job!

Registrations to the OE4BW Eduscope 2022 to be open soon!



Jožef Stefan Institute
Centre for Knowledge Transfer in
Information Technologies (CT3)

Jamova 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana

email: anja.polajnar@ijs.si


UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Education